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Consultancy Name
Abigail Carney AssociatesUK Scotland
ACL Consultancy Solutions LtdUK South East
After DigitalUK Scotland
ART.e @ the art of changeUK London
Arthur StaffordUK North West
ArticulateUK Scotland
ArtReach (consultants) LtdUK East Midlands
ArtReach (consultants) LtdUK South East
Artscape Management LtdUK London
ArtserviceUK West Midlands
AtollUK North West
Ben Eastop - Ideaal Art ProjectsUK London
Ben SpencerUK Scotland
Bonnar Keenlyside LtdLondon and Scotland
Bonnar Keenlyside LtdLondon and Scotland
BOP ConsultingUK London
BOP ConsultingUK Scotland
Brian Debnam LimitedUK North East
Brian Harris Arts ConsultancyUK London
Brook Contemporary ArtUK South West
Business of CultureUK London
Cathy Newbery LimitedUK North West
Christine Tiller AssociatesUK London
Combined Arts Management ConsultancyUK South East
Courtney ConsultingUK London
Culture RepublicUK Scotland
Festivals and Events InternationalUK Scotland
Festivals and Events InternationalUK South East
Fiona MasonUK South East
Hilary Gresty - Root and Branch ThinkingUK East
HybridUK London
HybridUK West Midlands
InSitu Art Consultants LtdUK London
Jenny Wilson ConsultingUK Yorkshire
Jodi Myers ProjectsUK London
Laura H Drane AssociatesUK Wales
Lee CornerUK Yorkshire
Luxton Cultural AssociatesUK South East
Lynn BlackadderUK London
Maria TrevisUK South East
Nod Knowles ProductionsUK South West
Ruth Garnault Arts ManagementUK Wales
ShapeUK London
Stephen Browning AssociatesUK London
The Audience AgencyUK London
Thinking PracticeUK North East
Tim Ronalds ArchitectsUK London
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