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Need an Arts Consultant?....If you need an arts consultant – make sure that you choose one that has sufficient experience of working for or with arts organisations.
This site was started by the Arts Councils over 15 years ago to give advice on how to choose and use consultants – as well as providing a register of those with the necessary experience and references.
Most of the 400 consultants on the register have been there since it started – they were those recommended by the Arts Councils. Others have been selectively added since if they met the necessary criteria.
We don’t recommend one consultant over another – but you can be certain that everyone registered has the necessary experience that you will need.
Search the database yourself by selecting the key skill that you need – either by using the main category list on the right hand side of this page – or by clicking below to use the longer but more defined skill list.
Advertise your needs..... Alternatively tell us about your need and we will advertise it to our consultants by e-mail and through our password controlled Current Jobs list.
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