I have spent my working life dealing with communications and networking, both as an employee and as a self employed business owner.

I worked for 29 years until 1994 for British Telecom in all of its guises from a civil service department to a private limited company. Apart from the first couple of years when I diligently but pointlessly kept a record of the state of telegraph poles in the Exeter area I worked as a customer facing representative. I was an account executive dealing exclusively with IT and information networking for BTs major customers. British Aerospace, Barclays Bank and The Arts Council were amongst the customers that I managed.
In the last few years of my BT employment I became involved in advanced networking systems including JANET the joint academic network a forerunner of the Internet.
If you have worked in the Arts for a very long while, then you may just remember me attending arts conferences and presenting/demonstrating networking information systems does anyone remember Prestel?

I left BT drawn away by the excitement of the emerging World Wide Web and went to work for Zynet Ltd (one of the first independent Internet Service Providers) as Sales Director.

After two years there I was again tempted away by the development of web sites and started my own Internet/Web Design partnership (Pure Dimensions).
I renewed my business relationship with the English Arts Boards by again attending and demonstrating the Internet at conferences. That led to the development of arts web sites for many organisations and consultancies looking at on line facilities.
There were four main on line arts projects looking at Arts in Education Public Art On line - the On Line Venues and Resources guide and the On Line Register of Arts Consultants and Trainers.
Following the latter consultancy Pure Dimensions were commissioned by the English Regional Arts Boards and the Scottish Arts Council to create the web site www.arts-consultants.org.uk .
That was 1998 and from then until 2007 the site was owned by the Arts Councils and hosted and maintained by Pure Dimensions.

In 2007 the Pure Dimensions partners separated to pursue other interests and I took over ownership of the Arts Consultants Register in my own name and have continued to maintain the site to date.
During 2011, I started to develop an association of professionals to look at other arts projects and to continue to develop the Consultants Register.

Onwards and upwards!