To register your details

The On Line Register of Arts Consultants and Trainers was started by the Arts Councils to ensure that there was a trusted source of information available about consultants and other arts services - with advice on how to choose and use consultants. This still applies today and therefore before we can add you to our list of associate consultants we will require details of the experience you have within the arts sector. Your on-line profile will include all your contact details - links to your e-mail, web site and social networking pages. Give us a full text description of your consultancy and we will upload it to your profile - this can include as much information as you wish - details of individual contacts and projects that you have worked on. The profile is put on one scrolling page and can be as long or short as you wish - it can include links to web pages. Supply us with a logo/graphic to head your entry and add other graphics to enhance your text description.

Example profile

Site users will be able to search the site by name (consultancy name or individual contacts) - by consultancy category - or from a more defined key skill list. You can select as many of the consultancy categories or defined key skills that you can offer. The key skill search has a drop down menu which site users can select from - and the main categories are on the right hand side of the front page. Site users will find your profile if they choose one of the skills that you have listed.

Profiles can be amended as often as needed by using your unique User Name and Password on the on-line edit system.

Members have access by password to the Current Jobs list on the site - and are automatically included in the Jobs List newsletter that we send regularly to all members.

There is a charge of 35 to create the customer profile - this includes the first 12 months membership subscription to the site.